Zissou Web Strategies offers its clients a personalized, custom built web marketing plan that we implement through a variety of proven and effective online marketing methods. Contact Zissou Web Strategies today about any of the following services.


SEO typically makes up the core of an effective web marketing campaign. Optimizing your website to show up high in the search results in all major search engines, Google in particular, when users search for key words and phrases that are relevant to your site. Effective SEO provides you with your best, and longest lasting investment in your online business.


Social media is the newest frontier in internet marketing. More and more of your customers are signing up on sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re not taking advantage of the opportunities social media provides to connect with your customers, then you’re missing out big time. Social media’s secret to success is that it amplifies the most powerful endorsement you can get for your business, a “word of mouth”¬†recommendation¬†from your happy customers to their friends. It also is the most effective tool for interacting with your customers and building relationships of trust.


If you don’t yet enjoy the benefits of high search engine placement through SEO, then in the meantime, pay per click is the fastest way to bring immediate traffic to your website. ZISSOU pays to have your website show up in the “sponsored listings” of Google and the other major search engines. You could see dramatic results in as little as one week for a fraction of what it costs to place ads in traditional media like radio or television. PPC can be very effective, but if not managed properly, can wind up being quite expensive. Zissou will make sure your money is used in the most effective way possible and will only recommend PPC if we’re confident in the return on your investment.


Make sure that your online presence is bolstered by a plan to promote positive press and buzz about your business. Don’t let random and occasional naysayers divert potential costumers away from your website due to their false,¬†inaccurate, or unfair claims about you or your business.


Zissou provides top notch web design services for a very competitive price. Make sure your website does your company justice, and sends the message you want it to send to your customers and clients.


Need to add a new page of content to your website? Upload new photos of your product? Update your contact information? Zissou will take care of all the tedious and time consuming tasks that are involved in maintaining your website. We’ll perform quality assurance on your site every day to make sure its functioning properly so that your customers see what you want them to see when they visit your website.